The '90s McDonald's Play Set Shows We Have Lost Our Way With Toys

Make toys great again, man. You used to be able to own and operate an entire McDonald's franchise out of your bedroom. What do kids do now, watch Bluey on an iPad until mom and dad decide that's enough screen time for the day? Bullshit.

Was the McDonald's play set a child-targeted marketing ploy by one of the largest corporations in the world whose products will literally kill you if you consume too much of them? Sure. Did it condition kids to be obedient little future service industry employees? Maybe. But did it fucking rock? It sure looks like it.

I didn't know this thing existed yesterday, but now it is one of the great regrets of my life that I never had the joy of using one of these bad boys. I would have been whipping up McFlurries like you've never seen before.

We need to get back to this era of toys. This is America, damn it. Put away the iPads and let's bring back the good, old-fashioned plastic play set.