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James Harden Is Going To Be Out For A Month With A Foot Injury, But We Mustn’t Let The Vibes In Philly Drop

Alright so maybe the past 24 hours in Philly have been absolute dog shit. The Phillies got no-hit in game 4 of the World Series, the Flyers got worked by Toronto, the Sixers lost to Washington, and now Woj wants to lay this shit on us?? Right now of all times? Jesus, dude. 

James Harden has been one of the only reasons to tune into the Sixers early on this season. It’s been James and it’s been Tyrese. The rest of this team has been, and continues to be, a total disappointment. Now you take James Harden out of the mix for the next month and what do we have? Absolutely nothing. 

But here’s the thing—we can’t allow the vibes to drop in Philly right now. They’ve climbed way too high up for us to drop right now. Dropping from all the way up here would be lethal.  So we are in need of a spin zone and we need one fast.  Fortunately I have just the one.

The Sixers are clearly just sacrificing their own season for the Phillies right now. We needed to make an offering to the sports gods, and hopefully they accept the Sixers are payment for a World Series. If we need to sit through a disastrous Sixers season just to win these next 2 baseball games? Then so be it. This was as honorable of a move as you’ll ever see from the Sixers. Now we sit back and watch it all work out. 

One city. One team. One heartbeat.