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Sure, Why Not: Dwight Howard Wants To Wrestle Shaq At Wrestlemania For The Right To Be Called 'King Of LA'

[Source] - “Shaq also is a big wrestling fan,” Sharpe pitched. “Shaq, Dwight, 2023 SummerSlam — winner gets the Superman nickname.”

Howard listened with a smile on his face.

“I like it,” he said. “… Guess what? It’s even bigger. WrestleMania is in L.A. this year. Who the king of L.A.? Let’s go Shaq!

This is it. This is how we finally squash the Shaq vs Dwight beef. No talking it out. No 1-on-1 in the paint. No just everyone smartly agreeing that Shaq is one of the most dominant players (maybe most) we've ever seen while Dwight is also a Hall-of-Famer who was ridiculously good in his peak. Those are just two facts combined between the two players. 

Why not bring them to Wrestlemania? They both have wrestling experience: 

So put them in the ring where it's 100% real. No storylines needed. Just let them wrestle. Who cares about a script? Wrestling is still real to me damnit! That's why I have two wrestling blogs in one day. Might even make it three at some point. But get two big guys in the ring and we have history: 

Have them both come out in Superman capes even. Just lean into the ridiculousness of it all. The match won't last more than 3 minutes (generous, am I right?) anyways. So have it fill the middle of the card when people get beers. The only better way I can see them settling this is at Rough n Rowdy. Imagine the promos Shaq would cut on Dwight Howard if he could be unfiltered. 

But, fine, you want Wrestlemania in LA let's settle it like men. Jeanie Buss as the guest ref. Shaq vs Dwight. Winner gets called Superman and King of LA. Loser has to never talk about the other again. 



The only correct answer is Stone Cold in the late 90s/2000.