Baker Mayfield Will Do Anything To Win As He Is Playing Defense On The Scout Team During Practice

What a selfless move by Baker Mayfield helping out in anyway possible! Listen, Baker was on his way to being a top 15 QB in the NFL again before he lost his spot to PJ Walker because Walker decided to treat the NFL like it is the XFL and chucking bombs downfield for DJ Moore to score touchdowns. 

Did Baker complain? No. He swallowed his pride and played defensive line for his team after they humiliated him by benching him after he came back from Injury. Tom Brady needs Wednesdays off and can't even travel with his team. The Panthers bench this guy, everyone says how bad of a teammate he is, and then you see this beautiful sight. 

This may not even be a bad move by the Panthers. Smaller guys on the defensive line can be a great thing and even a distraction for the other team. If Baker goes out on defense, the offensive line will be so confused then you know they will look to crush him in order to make a highlight that will go viral. Meanwhile, the rest of the Panthers defense will have a free path to the QB since the O-Line will be too focused on Baker, who will be happy because it will help the team win.

This man has the whole world against him waiting for him to say something and he has remained calm and is going to have the biggest chip on his shoulder. He was the #1 pick in the NFL draft for a reason. He is going to work his way back to starting QB and give the Panthers a chance to win their division because the division is absolute dog shit. 

When Baker completes this comeback, you all will remember the only person on the internet who has had his back. Most guys would request a trade or complain to the media. But this man puts his head down and keeps working, even if it's in the trenches. Everyone loves a comeback story even when it seems like everyone hates you for no reason. As a Baker Believer I am proud of our guy and I can't wait till he tears it up, no matter what position he is playing.