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Embrace Debate: You're A Gigantic Dummy If You Choose To Get Rid Of Cold Sandwiches In Favor Of Hot Sandwiches

Now this is how you truly #embracedebate. Put two things that are both universally liked, loved even, and pit them against each other. A simple question. Which is better - cold sandwiches or hot sandwiches. This feels a bit like an old KFC Radio question so I'm taking my stab at it.

The answer is you take cold sandwiches and get rid of hot sandwiches. It wasn't easy, but I hit the thinking lab and came to this conclusion for two main reasons. 

1) Cold sandwiches have a higher floor. It's a lot harder to screw up a cold sandwich than it is a hot sandwich. 

2) A nice, perfectly made deli-sandwich is my favorite lunch order. 

That's it. That's where my brain went to. Good to see I had two Barstool allies on this side though. 

Same line of thinking from Feits here. The key is that you can have a cold sandwich delivered to you and not have to worry about it. It's made. It's not changing temperature unless the delivery driver is putting it on a heated seat. A hot sandwich is all about timing. Can't have it when it's *too* hot and do that thing where you scrape off the entire roof of your mouth. But if it takes too long to get to you, you're stuck with that lukewarm sandwich. No thank you. 

Now Robbie does bring up a valid argument FOR hot sandwiches: 

Cheesesteaks are elite, but the variance is still there. I'd hate having to give up a cheesesteak, a spicy chicken, a chicken parm, a meatball sub. Things of that nature. But the variance is really the biggest argument I have. I had a shitty chicken parm sub the other day, can't imagine getting one of those in the suburbs of Cincinnati, and it ruined my lunch. I saw it on the menu, got giddy, it arrived hot but it sucked. Losing the Italian beef would be hurtful too. I know I'm not from Chicago but I do have a garage therefore I like eating them. I also understand the loss of a breakfast sandwich. Now that's not as brutal for me since I'm home all day. If I really want eggs and bacon I'll just make eggs and bacon. 

I can't say I ever had a cold sandwich that sucked. 

Another key piece is cold sandwiches are easier to make at home. Don't get me wrong, I make hot sandwiches, but a simple sandwich for lunch is always cold. Rye bread, sharp cheddar cheese, a jalapeno colby jack, spicy chicken, spicy pickles, spicy mustard and mayo. Shit you can combine any form of cheese (minus Swiss, that shit sucks), any deli meat and regular pickles and it's good. 

This isn't a debate of what's a sandwich either. We know what sandwiches are which credit to me for not saying ice cream sandwiches should count as cold. But the answer is simple. A cold sandwich is what you're taking in this debate.