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Genius: Tropicana Is Releasing A Brunch-Changing Orange Juice Spray Bottle For 'Perfect' Mimosas

[Source] - The limited-edition device is a 12-ounce spray bottle that spritzes just the right amount of juice into your sparkling flute.

The three settings of the bottle include whisper, spritz and shower — so the drinker can sip on a mimosa with a little or a lot of OJ.

That scream you hear are girls (and guys) everywhere excited about the fact they can drink a perfect mimosa. It's become a staple of brunch for people all over the country. Doesn't matter if you're in NYC, LA, or anywhere in the middle. You're going to see bottomless mimosa brunches and people sitting around a table with the giant jug in the middle. Not anymore. Not in my house. 

I'm not a mimosa person per se. I won't pass it up, but I'm not going out of my way to order one. Give me a vodka drink. Give me an Irish coffee or just let me start off with a beer. Something like that over a mimosa for sure. But now that I can choose how much OJ to put in there flips my mind a bit. I'm still not going to spend all day sipping on champagne, but now you can pass around this bottle like a salt shaker. 

Very few things worse than basically getting a glass of OJ with a hint of champagne. No point in that. The only thing worse is getting pulp in the OJ. Get that shit out of here. If I want pulp I'll just go eat an orange. Sorry I don't like little chunks in my drink. Chunks are reserved for ice cubes. 

I gotta hand it to Tropicana. Granted, I'm basically entertained like a child but the fact I can now choose a setting and physically spritz my mimosa has me intrigued enough to try it out once. Plus you can truly judge friends now. Anyone who goes with a shower? Keep them far away from you. Never hang out 1-on-1 with that person. 

PS: My favorite (therefore the best) sort of brunch food is anything that mixes breakfast food and a burrito. Not ideal if you're rolling right out after brunch, but that hits the spot the most.