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Get Ready To Pay A Lot More For Steak Because We Are Entering A Meat Recession

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SOURCE - Online meat delivery company Good Ranchers warned consumers on social media that “a meat recession is knocking and supply is about to be tight” as cattle herd continues to shrink. 

“The cattle herd has shrunk due to droughts,” Good Ranchers wrote on its Instagram account. “Our total meat supply for the coming year is down significantly. This is one of the main reasons a meat recession is coming.”

Walter Kunisch, senior commodities strategist at Hilltop Securities, agreed, telling FOX Business that U.S. beef cattle supplies will continue to contract throughout 2023, further pushing up beef prices for consumers “well the first half of 2024.”

For a country already dealing with massive inflation and rising interest rates, now we aren't going to be able to get a fucking steak dinner? Or if we do, we are going to have to empty our wallets?


Not only is this drought playing a role in the lack of beef but according to that article, farmers have been killing too many unbred female cows which obviously limits future cows. As a reaction, they will start saving more female cows which will limit supply.

I am not nor have I ever been a farmer but it seems crazy to me that these could be issues in 2022. I guess I assumed with all the technology we have access too, the impact of a drought could be mitigated. At the very least, you'd think they wouldn't be killing too many girl cows.

I may be a scrawny guy but even I know that a great steak dinner is the absolute best dining experience. Here in NYC, we have two of my favorites: Peter Luger's and Keen's. But wherever you live, going to a fantastic steakhouse a great answer if your significant other asks what you want for Christmas or birthday. Why couldn't this be a tuna recession or some other nastyass food?

Finally, check out this great blog Jordie did about steak and BBQ: