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Google Searches For "How To Delete Twitter" Are Up 500% Since Elon Musk Bought The Platform

Google search engine data suggests Twitter users really are leaving the platform in their droves now Elon Musk is the new owner. 

Experts at security firm VPNOverview have used Google Trends to establish search increases over the past week since Musk's $44 billion (£38 billion) takeover. 

Globally, searches for 'How to delete Twitter' surged by 500 per cent in the past week, from October 24 to October 31, the firm found. 

Searches for 'boycott Twitter' are also up 4,800 per cent in the last seven days, from October 26 to November 2. 

It's already known many Twitter users are losing followers due to accounts disappearing, likely due to deletion.  

I've seen a ton of anti-twitter and anti-Elon headlines circulating the internet, but this to me is the dumbest one. A misleading one at best. This makes it seem like there is a massive wave of users leaving the platform. I am sure that the most insane people among the population will leave twitter because they've read so many anti-Elon posts on twitter. I doubt the amount of people who leave will be significant. If you have to google "how to delete twitter" then you're probably not the active user Elon wanted to buy in the first place. The person who can't figure out how to delete an app probably also can't remember their password to login into their account anyways. They're essentially a bot. Those people googling how to delete will have to wait for their women's studies major child at NYU to come home for winter break because they were too busy making signs about the evils of capitalism to come home for Thanksgiving. 

It is totally possible that Elon tweaks the platform and it becomes even more of a cesspool. I can envision it getting worse. If it does, then yeah, people will have to reevaluate their use and how they engage with twitter. I don't understand people who assume they know what the platform is going to be like now that Elon Musk is in charge. I don't even think Elon knows what it will look like in a year so how could anyone else? Everyone just relax and let things play out. It'll be okay if you see some words you don't like here and there.