ANUS 3:16 - The Science Fair Jar Part 2

The ANUS boys just dropped the 2nd part of their science experiment and my god did it go wrong, like Wuhan-lab-level type of wrong. Malasek's 2-week experiment literally went to shit. That was clever. Anyway, Nick and KB dive into some Knews, and discuss the parallel's between KB's new girlfriend and Nick's romance with Venus Williams. Some of the ANUS Halloween costumes caused a tear in the Tik Tok community, and we rant about the shrinking human attention span. God bless and Get It!

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Moo000OOOOOK Thoughts

Welcome back to the most electric part of the blog, and if you're reading this please give me a sign. Anything. Today we are going to discuss the pros and cons of couch surfing, as I still live in Philadelphia but am commuting up to NYC on Monday mornings, sleeping on friend's couches through Wednesday night, and then commuting back to Philly on Thursday. This is my new routine until I find a lease in NYC and it's been physically tolling on my body. 


-waking up with morning wood in my buddies' living room.


-I get to work out of the Barstool office and record some very fun podcasts with some amazing people. I love it. 

-getting jerked off by my buddies in their living room because I work at Barstool.