It's So Sad That LeBron And The Sorry Ass Lakers Need To Be Saved By A Former DoorDash Driver

This is what it's come to for the Lakers huh? They need a former DoorDash driver who gets mixed up with a benched Colts quarterback to save them? It's just sorry to see. Then again when you are 2-5, you might as well try everything. Luckily for LeBron he's bailed out by a guy who can hit a few threes. I know it's asking a lot for the Lakers, but hitting a whopping 10 threes as a team is a huge jump. 

Let me be more specific here. The Lakers were saved by a former DoorDash driver, who played 1 game a year ago for the Celtics and signed a partially guaranteed contract. That's what it's come to fro the Lakers. Not Russ fixing his game. Not Anthony Davis staying healthy. Not LeBron. Matt Ryan, Notre Dame/Vandy/Chattanooga legend. 

It's sad to see. I mean, we know the Lakers could have a roster that fits but GM LeBron nixed that idea. We know they could have Buddy Hield which would go a long way in fixing part of their problems, but LeBron wanted a friend instead. Good for them on beating the Pelicans though. Can't barely miss the playoffs without starting 2-5, so that was needed. 

I don't know what else to say. I want to feel good for Matt Ryan for making the NBA, but it's the Lakers. Fuck that. I don't want them to win any games. I want to see them choke. Maybe winning a couple games and giving fans false hope will feel better. So congrats to Matt Ryan. Ridiculous story, just wish it was with roughly 25 other teams.

PS: 37 is such a trash basketball number. Maybe I'm a purist because I think anything like that looks weird. But 37 is awful.