Shaq Said He's So Sick Of Watching Ben Simmons Play Basketball

This is another reason why Shaq is the best in the business. He will make fun of Ben Simmons. but also relate to all the shit he had to go through. The only difference is that Shaq was one of the best in the NBA and Ben Simmons might be lucky to make a team soon. The man has the real life yips and people have gotten so far in his head that he refuses to shoot the basketball. 

Let's not forget he's a former #1 overall pick and he absolutely dominated during his time at LSU. It didn't look like he gave a shit if his team won or lost, as long as he played well. Even his first four years in the league he was a stud. Rookie of the year, 3x All Star, All-NBA. Where did that go? How does this happen so fast where he just completely forgets how to play basketball?


You will look at his stats and he'll be 2 for 3 in a game where he played 22 minutes. To his credit he is an unbelievable passer and he should be giving the ball to Kevin Durant every chance he has. He isn't even worthy enough to be ranked in the league for points per game but he is ranked 12th in assists per game. He is obviously valuable and with a superstar like Kevin Durant on the team he can make up for Simmons mistakes so he should be shooting the shit out of the ball. Do what Shaq said and once you start making shots people have to shut the fuck up and go at them a little bit. 

When you make it seem like things get to you like Ben Simmons has, fans will keep doing it until you retire. I have seen him shoot in college. Go to the gym every single day and shoot until that thing is fixed. You simply have to do that or these fans will rip you apart non stop. I am pulling for him because he is a special player when he is playing at full force but he really needs to stop being scared to shoot the basketball.