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Baby Steps: It Only Took A Ho-Hum 5 Years For The NCAA To Investigate Louisville Basketball (Again) And Completely Embarrass Itself

I, uh, well I shouldn't be surprised. The NCAA is a fucking joke. Now I know people might be confused, but this is the 2nd investigation into Louisville. This isn't the hooker story and bringing them to the dorms so they can squirt to the ceiling. This is the FBI investigation into college hoops. This ultimately was why Louisville fired Rick Pitino, which, thank you. Not that he was killing it at Louisville but he's an all-time coach and I want to watch him and enjoy him at somewhere else.

It's just laughable at this point. The NCAA suspends Baba Miller 16 games from Florida State this year for accepting $3,000 to go to a basketball camp in the USA when he was 16 years old. Meanwhile this entire investigation has led to, well, Oklahoma State getting a postseason ban a year ago and Bill Self getting suspended 4 games this year so far. Really nailed it guys! Honestly if I'm Mike Boynton and Oklahoma State I'm throwing punches at Mark Emmert. Literal punches. The NCAA completely fucked Oklahoma State way more than anyone else so far. 

Bang up job fellas! Really made sure everyone in college basketball was punished - for something that didn't make sense to begin with. And no the Louisville banner isn't coming back up. That was from the Katina Powell investigation, not this one. I know it can get confusing with all the allegations at Louisville. 

The two happiest men in the world today:

- Dick Vitale

- Rick Pitino