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Lamar Jackson Knows Chris Jericho Would Make Him Tap Out, Doesn't Dare To Take Jericho Up On His Challenge

Did I use some hyperbole in that headline? Of course. But you gotta sell and I couldn't just put SEX as the headline (might try that one). I just want to talk about AEW because I like AEW. It's that simple. A little secret we have as bloggers is we get to talk about whatever we like. Do I care that I'm 35, a father of 2 living in the suburbs and have a wife who looks at me with disgust every time I turn on AEW? Of course not. I won't change for anyone. 

So last night we have AEW in Baltimore and naturally Lamar is sitting ringside. I love that Chris Jericho knows this stuff and quickly throws in the jab. He's so good on the mic and it's crazy that I've spent basically my entire life watching Chris Jericho wrestle. Whether it was WCW, WWE or AEW he's just ... there. I don't hate it. Jericho was fucking awesome as the Lion Tamer in WCW. Then he had this awesome entrance song: 

Elite on the mic. 

I thought about calling up my pal John Rich and having him write a fake wrestling match between Lamar and Chris Jericho. But I'm pretty sure I know how that plays out. That said, I just want to talk about wrestling, specifically AEW.

It's so damn good. There's a little bit of everything. Tag Teams that are straight up awesome - The Acclaimed, FTR, Swerve in our Glory. You got old school guys vs new guys. You have good storylines. You have Anna Jay (sup again?) 

Giphy Images.


Giphy Images.

Don't let people talk down to you about liking wrestling. It's a show! It's a great show! I watch it for the storylines. I watch it because it's entertaining. I watch it because I work from home and until college basketball/World Cup starts this month, there's not much on TV during the day. 

Quick rankings break.

My 5 favorite wrestlers/teams

5. Ricky Starks 

4. The Acclaimed

3. FTR

2. Orange Cassidy 

1. MJF

5 Favorite Theme Songs

5. Jungle Boy

4. Adam Cole

3. Jon Moxley


2. The Acclaimed Rap (different each city)

1. Judas - Chris Jericho

Anywho I just wanted to talk about AEW so there you have it. No doubt Jericho would hit the Judas Effect on Lamar and then put him in the Walls of Jericho. Probably smart for Lamar to hide, he should probably get paid first.