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Control The Narrative: The Philadelphia Phillies Have Hit A Combined 5 Home Runs In The Past 2 Games

Mary DeCicco. Getty Images.

So the Houston Astros threw a combined no-hitter in game 4 of the World Series last night. Did you see this? Did you hear about this?

Personally I think combined no-no's are the most cowardly achievement in sports. Sorry but back in my day, if a pitcher had a no-hitter going then he would literally fight his manager if he tried taking him out of the game. Literal assault. I guess Cristian Javier just isn't built like that. 

But here's the thing--if we are allowed to count a combined no-hitter as this illustrious feat, well then let's just start combining everything while we're at it. If that's the case, the Philadelphia Phillies have hit a combined 5 home runs over the span of the last 2 games. That's a narrative I can get behind. That sounds pretty good to me! 5 piss missiles in 2 games? Give me that any day of the week. That's big time offensive production, especially when you consider the Astros have hit a combined zero home runs in that same timespan. 5 is better than 0, just for all you analytic dorks back home.


So sure, maybe the Astros got the upper hand against the Phillies last night. But when it comes to the ball going boom? The Phillies still run this series. And the last time I checked, combined no-hitters still only count as one (1) win. No more, no less. Credit where credit is due, the Astros got their backs off from against the wall. But the Phillies still have control of this series since all they have to do is just not lose 2 games in a row. 

Also here's one final thing to consider. The Astros went from having one of the worst pitching performances in World Series history to having one of the best the very next night. The Phillies just had one of the worst offensive performances in World Series history last night. You know what comes next. Powder blues. Thursday night in South Philly. Just checked my watch and turns out it's Dinger 'o Clock.


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