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Last Night’s “Rediscovering America” Was A Masterpiece

Before I go any further, I want to congratulate Corey Smutledge, Chris Dagostino, Nick Fasoli, The Wonton Don, Nick Turani, KB, Ben Mintz, and Megan Makin’ Money for creating one the best pieces of Barstool content I’ve ever seen. Beyond being lucky enough to know the people involved in this piece, I believe this was as brilliantly filmed and edited as anything I’ve seen in a while. This moment belongs to them.

Last night’s “Rediscovering America” was a masterpiece. It was as flawlessly filmed, remarkably funny, and bizarrely moving as anything I’ve seen at this company. It was one of those things that made me proud even to know anyone involved with the making of this. Look, man; I’ve been working through some stuff. Laughs are hard to come by, but I haven’t laughed that hard at anything in a long time. This thing was pure comedy, and I was laughing from beginning to end. The “Minzty Cam” in the house was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a minute. Perfect editing in that piece too. 

Having visited Baton Rouge recently, I can tell you that it’s one of the most incredible places in America, and this episode of “Rediscovering America” perfectly captured that. But this presentation was substantially more bizarre to me than I expected. I figured it would make me laugh. Donnie, Nick, and KB are three of the funniest people I’ve ever met, but there was something strangely cinematic about this. There was a narrative. This was better than 95% of mainstream Hollywood films. Like seriously, why can’t these people be making movies in Hollywood? If they did, maybe most modern movies wouldn’t suck. 

If anyone knows me at all, you know that I’m one giant pussy. I cry very easily, but I did not expect “Rediscovering America” to make me tear up last night, but it did. Ben Mintz saying that he went from being a top 200 poker player in the world to selling salads and pizzas for eight dollars an hour struck me in a very bizarre way. He delivered that line with such genuine sincerity. It also made me incredibly proud to be his friend. Omaha boys for life! 

I genuinely wish I could make something this good. My first dream in life was that I wanted to make movies. And it’s moments like this where I realize I’ll never be talented enough to make something this unique. I did not expect to be taken aback the way that I was. But this was fucking awesome. Congrats to all involved. Viva!