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Cristian Javier's Parents Told Him That He Was Going To Throw A No Hitter In The World Series And The Astros Did Just That Last Night

I had to watch this video 7 different times. Yes it is cool that his parents told him he was going to throw a no hitter in the World Series and it kind of happened. I hope I can talk to the Javier's parents and they say I am going to win the lottery so I am not broke in February when I get let go from here. I mean they were technically kind of wrong because it was a combined no-hitter and I think combined no-hitters should not count as a stat. It took 4 different players to make it happen and it should just be a shut out. I have never got why there is such an allure to a combined no-hitter. This is not what I want to harp on though. 

This translator has to be one of the best in the business. Translators always intrigued me because sometimes i really think they can't remember everything the guy says and they end up putting there own spin on it because the person they are speaking for can't understand them. The amount of power a translator has is incredible and if you use one, you need to be able to trust the absolute shit out of them. Also when he was translating it to the media, the man didn't even flinch when he was told that his parents said he was going to throw a no hitter. If that is me in that situation I would end up just talking to him in Spanish being like "Are you serious? They really told you that shit?" How do you not react when something that shocking comes out of someone mouth? 

Being a translator really does have to be one of the best jobs because your job is basically plagiarizing. Something you can get kicked out of school for can become your job. You never have to think for yourself. You just need to learn two languages and are pretty set for life. You get all the fame for none of your thoughts. 

Back to the parents, I think this is a non story even though I made it into a story because parents say shit like that all the time. Hey son, you are going to go out there and hit 4 home runs then you strikeout 4 times but your mom will still say stuff like that every single time because she loves you.