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WATCH: Despite His Monster Performance On Sunday The Eagles Still Clowned AJ Brown For Being Slow After He Was Tackled From Behind

This is why I think the Eagles are a really good team. So what if they haven't played anyone good yet while Jalen Hurts suspiciously grew an arm over night and has become one of the best passers in the league — that's all besides the point. You can see just in this video how much fun they are having playing football and the chemistry they have. It pains me to say this as a Giants fan (we will hand them their first loss), but it's painfully obviously how off the charts their chemistry is right now. 

This kind of look behind the scenes is awesome. On the outside looking in you'd assume A.J. Brown's teammates were all gassing him up after his 3 touchdown performance, but in reality his boys are still calling him slow and reminding him that everyone is faster than him. Devonta Smith just sitting there nodding his head is classic. No better position to be in when your boys are ragging on someone while they are just complimenting you. 

Fuck the Eagles and fuck Jalen Hurts. I have been completely wrong about Jalen Hurts, but I still don't believe he should be the 2nd favorite to win the MVP. Eagles fans are very delusional and they aren't a real Super Bowl contender. They've played the easiest schedule in the NFL and when they play a real team like the Bills or Chiefs they will lose. They play their schedule though and the NFC is a hot pile of shit right now so they might just have one of the easiest roads ever to the Super Bowl. I think the NFL is very average this year and top heavy but I will say I am very jealous of Philly right now. All of there sports teams are pretty elite and New York hasn't been like that in so long it's sad. So basically fuck the Eagles but I loved this video.