A New Government Report Suggests That UFOs are Just Foreign Surveillance Drones or Flying Trash

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A few days ago I mentioned that one thing I'm positively done with is looking that the very real UFO/UAP phenomenon through the prism of what the government is telling us is going on. Those congressional hearings into the issue was a make or break moment for me and, I believe, a growing number of people who want answers. And that now all I'm interested in is hearing what actual experiencers like our best and brightest military personnel have to say, such as US Navy pilot Ryan Graves. As opposed to bureaucrats who have skin in the game and benefit from not being forthcoming on what they know. 

So what happens? A story comes out from those very same government entities that makes that case for me:

Source - A US intelligence report on UFOs attributes many military sightings of unknown flying craft to foreign surveillance drones or airborne waste, a report said.

The latest revelations are contained in a classified update to a report released last year that probed 144 UFO sightings by US government personnel between 2004 and 2021, sources told The New York Times.

Several instances of unknown aerial phenomenon had actually been attributed to relatively mundane drone technology used by the Chinese government, the report said. 

Sue Gough, a spokeswoman for the Department of Defense, said, however, that no one explanation described the majority of the UFO sightings investigated.

Most incidents could be attributed to foreign intelligence gathering or shreds of airborne trash such as balloons, the sources said.

The Pentagon said in May that a particular, declassified incident involved what looked like flying triangles but were actually ordinary drones distorted by night vision.

Sigh. Even as our reports and evidence of these incidents is increasing exponentially, the people in charge of obfuscating off the playbook they came up with after Roswell 75 years ago. 

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It's still weather balloons and swamp gas and ignoramuses who can't tell a flying object in the night sky from Jupiter. Only now the excuse they're using is Chinese drones and floating garbage. 

So riddle me this, Sue Gough or whomever else decided to - pardon the expression - float these particular trial balloons, how do you explain what Graves, Lt. David Fravor or any of dozens of other eyewitnesses have recorded about these things. That they can travel from 50,000 feet above sea level to five feet above in less than a second. That they can move through the surface of the ocean as easily as they do the air. That they give off no heat signature. That they have no discernible propulsion system. No detectable energy source. That they not only operate hundreds of miles off our coast, but do so for nobody knows how long. Possibly as much as 35 hours. And that they have been known to disable our most highly advanced weapons system, including, though not limited to, our nuclear arsenal. 

If what they're saying is correct, this means our biggest global adversary has machines capable of operating with total impunity in our airspace. Harass our military. And do so by violating everything we know about the laws of motion. Meaning that we'd better hope these craft are from another solar system, dimension or time period. Because if a foreign power has these capabilities, we are surely doomed. 

But while they're pushing this fiction, perhaps they'd care to explain how UFOs have been around since long before this particular Chinese government existed. Roswell, for example. Or our WWII bomber crews flying missions over Europe being followed by what they called "Foo Fighters." Only to find out after VE Day, the German crews were reporting the same thing. Or the newspaper reports from the Old West that spoke of people seeing "flying airships". Or Franciscan missionary Father Escalante writing in his journal about seeing floating fireballs over New Mexico in the 18th century. Hell, Columbus wrote about seeing UFOs in his diary on his voyage across the Atlantic. And if you really want to go all Ancient Aliens, there's things like this:


I guess the Chinese or those trash balloons floating around must also have time travel. It's as good an explanation as the US "intelligence" community has come up with. 

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