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This Old Clip Of The Rock Discussing The Challenges Of Filming Black Adam Back In 2009 A Cool THIRTEEN YEARS Before It Was Released Is Simply Outrageous

I knew the wait for Black Adam to come out was forever but seeing the man in that video talk about all the bullshit that comes with a movie hitting speed bumps just hammers home how obscene the wait was. That's not Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson talking. That's The Rock. Sure The Rock had gone Hollywood by then with a handful of movies on his IMDB page. But you could still see The Artist Formerly Known As The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment as he spoke instead of the guy that is closer to being a rock than man.

How many 2009 The Rocks do you think you can fit into a 2022 The Rock? I'm saying 3, maybe 4 if you turn 2009 The Rock's Peoples Eyebrow sideways and stick it straight up 2022 The Rock's muscular ass.

Giphy Images.

Forget about all the changes The Rock has gone through in 13 years. Think about everything else that has happened since 2009. Barstool was a one city blog operating out of Boston! The Phillies were in the World Series! Okay, bad example. The Yankees were actually in the World Series! DC was on a high after Christian Bale and Heath Ledger absolutely crushed in The Dark Knight a year earlier while Marvel was hoping they may have something following a really fun Iron Man movie. Hell, MTV News was still a thing in 2009 not to mention MTV still being something other than Rob Dyrdeks personal channel to air Ridiculousness episodes!

Crazy that a movie about a mid-tier character could survive 13 years of being chewed up and spit out around Hollywood. But I guess that's just show biz for ya. There is truly nothing The Rock can't do.

As for Black Adam being badass like The Rock said 13 years ago, I can confirm that. It wasn't a great movie by any means. But it was the perfect turn off your brain and mindlessly eat popcorn while watching superheroes fuck shit up on a big screen. Robbie and I discussed that along with James Gunn taking over DC in what was an action packed week in My Mom's Basement.