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Jakob Silfverberg Scored The Nastiest Own-Goal In Hockey History

Steve Babineau. Getty Images.

There have been plenty of nasty goals scored throughout the history of the NHL. The Ovechkin goal from his back. Pretty much anything Pavel Datsyuk has ever done. The Trevor Zegras to Sonny Milano flip pass. Plenty of goals that make you shake your head in disbelief that what you witnessed was physically possible of happening. 

Rarely do we ever get to see a highlight reel own-goal. Usually if a guy is scoring on himself, it takes a weird deflection off his stick or skate. So Jakob Silfverberg saw the perfect opportunity here. A hole that needed to be filled. He knew he'd probably never have the opportunity to score one of the sickest goals in league history. But perhaps one of the nastiest own-goals? That was very much doable. 


Anthony Stolarz didn't even have a chance. That's a goal scorer's goal, too. No look. Low blocker. Guy just has a natural sense for putting the puck in the back of the net the same way that so many other greats do. 

Luckily for ol' Jakey boy it looks like he didn't have to feel like the biggest jackass over, though, since the Ducks were still able to pull out a win in the shootout. I'm just surprised San Jose didn't try to put him in their shootout lineup. Clearly he has Stolarz's number. 

P.S. -- I'd imagine dealing with Trevor Zegras on the ice is the same thing as dealing with like seven 8-year-olds. Would love to know how many words he says per game. That mouth never stops.