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Welcome To The Flop Era - IG Star/Diehard 49ers Fan Katie Williams Officially Declares The Rams Dead

You may know Katie Williams because we've blogged about her before. Impossible not to when she has 745k followers on Instagram. That helps. But consider this me catfishing you with Katie Williams. Don't get me wrong, there will be pictures but her simple caption here has me wanting to talk about football, specifically the Rams. She calls them dead. The flop era, something I only thought applied to Dave's pizza reviews. 

The fact is they aren't good. It also doesn't matter to a degree because they accomplished their own goal. They won a Super Bowl. Draft picks? What's the point of those. They have the banner, even if fans dominate their stadium. They got the win when it matters, even if the 49ers own them. Who cares if they are 1-8 against the 49ers when the 1 win was in the playoffs? 

Now there's obviously concern with this version of the Rams. Stafford hasn't looked right. The offensive line is a bit of a mess and that's likely underselling it. Cam Akers was supposed to be the breakout running back but he's sitting out and was supposed to be traded. Then there was this decision by Sean McVay: 

I get playing to the whistle and all those cliches. But I'd care a whole lot more about my weapon's health. He's the safety option for Stafford. He's the lone guy you're scared of currently on the Rams offense. Not like it was a one-score game. Just run the ball or let Stafford throw it to someone else. Save Kupp, even if he thinks he dodged a serious bullet. 

So yeah they might be in a flop era. They still might make the playoffs, we're halfway through the season and are 2 wins behind the Seahawks for the division and 3 wins behind the Cowboys/Giants for a wild card spot. Get Katie out there and let her catch some passes.