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British Man Turns 30 While In Thailand For a Wedding - Is Promptly Found Naked On a Beach Not Remembering Anything From The Last Two Days

Daily Mail

A drunk British tourist was found naked on a Thai beach after an 'all-night birthday bender', telling police officers he had no recollection of the previous two days.

The man from Epsom, Surrey, had allegedly stayed up drinking beer and smoking marijuana – now legal in the country – at a party as he welcomed in his 30th on October 28, having arrived in the country for a wedding.

However, shocked locals on the paradise island of Koh Samui noticed him the next morning stumbling naked along the beach singing 'football songs'. They watched in astonishment as he paddled through the sea and then swam away from the shore.

I thought this was Thailand. Super cheap, beautiful sights, and a ton of fun. At least that's what I've heard/seen in movies. I feel like this kind of scene is pretty common, especially after The Hangover 2's release. Who hasn't let a night or two get away from them before? On vacation for a wedding at the same time you're turning 30, yeah you might find yourself naked on a beach, struggling to swim for your life, as you don't remember any part of the past 48 hours. Listen, it happens. 

I'm gonna ask a question because this is my blog and that's how things are going to fly — where were this guy's friends? When your boy turns 30 you 1) make sure you're up the whole night with him celebrating three decades of life and 2) ensure he gets home okay. I guess it's possible, based on his actions that he resembles Rob Corddry's character Lou from Hot Tub Time Machine. In that instance keeping an eye on him might be easier said than done, but still you gotta be on wild card watch this cat. 

Now while we've all gotten too drunk on occasion, the one guy I truly relate to here is Theerayut. 

Onlooker Theerayut, who lives close to the beach, said: 'I heard the tourist shouting and singing songs on the beach. It was like football songs. I just assumed he was drunk so I didn't go near him.' 

I'm always down to help out someone in need, but if you come across a drunk guy belting football chants on a beach alone it's best to just pretend you didn't hear anything and walk in the other direction. There will be other times to be the hero, you just need to pick your spots.