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Emily Ratajkowski Doesn't Think That Straight People Actually Exist

Emily Ratajkowski doesn't believe in binaries when it comes to human sexuality.

In her new November 2022 cover story for Harper’s Bazaar, the 31-year-old My Body author sat down with writer Thessaly La Force to talk about everything from her plans for a new podcast to her best-selling book of essays. However, what really ended up getting people's attention were her comments about being newly single after recently filing for divorce from estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, not to mention her take on who we love and are attracted to as a whole.

“I think sexuality is on a sliding scale,” Ratajkowski told the magazine, before declaring, “I don’t really believe in straight people.”

The actress and supermodel's comments come on the heels of rampant speculation surrounding her sexuality, which was primarily fueled by her participation in TikTok's viral "green couch" trend last month.

I don't know if I'm just a hippie now, or I've become so sick of the traditional "lifestyle" that "straight people" are supposed to be upholding, but I'm so in line with EmRata on this one its insane. Sure, the argument can be made that she's only saying this because she got cheated on by a man and is going through a divorce, but does that mean she can't also think EVERYONE is hot? Who in this world actually, realistically, is only attracted to/in love with ONE kind of person at a time anymore? 

Sexual fluidity in my opinion is one of the healthiest things you can have. It automatically implies zero judgement, it encourages people to mind their own business when it comes to who they love or fuck, and it doesn't put you in a box. I think it's clear that when it comes to sexual interests, straight people are the most defensive. The amount of times I've heard "I'M NOT GAY BRO" or "NO HOMO" in my life, has inspired me to keep tabs on all of the people who spend their time trying to convince the world that they couldn't ever, possibly, have their interests piqued by someone of the same sex. I think things like "lighten up! Who cares! There are a lot of people who are hot!" Does this mean I'm gay? Do I have to go out and get a hot girlfriend now? I don't feel like I do. I do feel like it sends up a green flag that screams "I just want to have a good time and I don't want anyone telling me that I can't do that." Sometimes I think that the people who go around hammering it home about how straight they are, are just afraid of what they're attractions mean. There are extremely hot guys out there. There are extremely hot girls out there. If you can't admit that, you're insecure. David Bowie didn't fuck his way through England in the 60s and 70s so all of us could run around limiting ourselves when it comes to getting our rocks off. 

Oh, and this green couch thing? It's a viral trend on Tiktok that "if you have a velvet green couch it means you're bisexual." Shay Mitchell posted it, EmRata stitched it. Do I have to start making some phone calls and announcements?