Travis Kelce Believes That Russell Wilson Is Trolling Us All

This is the only answer because truthfully no person can be this fucking crazy. I went as far to say Russel Wilson should be arrested for what he did. People that recline get absolutely berated but imagine you have a guy doing fucking high knees on an 8 hour flight. 

I for one do not think he is trolling and that he's that clueless. I don't think he interacts with any humans outside of Ciara and his teammates. The Broncos just traded everything for Russell Wilson and he knows that so he can do all his weird shit. I also think a lot of these famous people don't surround themselves with enough people that will call them out for their bullshit. I am not famous at all but my friends would call me out for the second I started doing shit that was weird or just not me. His circle probably gave up on him a while ago and in that case he needs a new one. 

Travis Kelce is all of us though because he was just laughing, assuming Wilson has to be trolling because no normal human talks or acts like this. I think we have given too much credit to Russell Wilson for the past three years and he is a very average quarterback. He has gotten slower, he has weapons around him in Denver and he can barely beat some shitty teams. I think The Broncos got a bad deal on Wilson and are fucked for years to come if he is their starting QB.