This Feels Real. This Feels Like It's For The Entire Team.



At first I thought he could just be tickling our balls. But now I'm almost positive this is going to be it. November 2nd will go down as one of the best days in world history. I simply do not think Dan Snyder would have put out his own statement if he wasn't trying to sell the entire team. That isn't a thing you do when you need to sell 10% of the team. If he wanted to sell 10% he'd just text a few people and voila, done deal. This seems bigger. I am trying to remain calm, because Dan is such a piece of shit he very well could be riling us all up only to let us down once again. But this feels like the real thing. 

And as I'm typing this, Ian Rapoport all but confirms it:



Huge. Fucking huge. I'm gonna stain my underoos. 

This is incredible. All our hard work paying off. This really could be happening. 

And if not, today will be the worst day in world history, bar none.