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That'll Show Them - Kansas Suspends Bill Self For The First Four Games This Season Thanks To The 2017 FBI Investigation

Hold on, I think a video might be the only thing that works here

That's basically Bill Self during this whole ordeal. It's been 5 years since the FBI started wasting time investigating college basketball. Since then Bill Self signed a lifetime deal with Kansas and won a national championship. That's why I feel safe in saying that Self's response to this suspension is simple:

'Worth it.' (Probably). 

I still respect Self for just saying fuck you to the NCAA with that video above. That was released the same week the NCAA hit them with some pay-for-play allegations. That very same week he decided to waltz around in a video wearing a big ass Adidas shirt and a dollar bill chain. Impressive lack of fucks given. 

Oh and the four games Self misses this year? Omaha, North Dakota State, Duke and Southern Utah. Three home games and the Champions Classic. Sure, missing Duke sucks but this is basically a free year for Kansas. You win a national title and fans are happy. Even better? 

Self comes back for the team's trip to the Bahamas. Not a bad way to kick your heels up for a couple weeks and then go visit a sweet place. 

Not sure how Kansas will bounce back from this: 

I can't believe 5 years later we're still making jokes about this all. What a gigantic waste of time.