Power Move: Pat Beverley Tracking Down Mo Bamba In The Parking Lot And Making Him Apologize For Elbowing Pat In The Head

I love this move by Pat. You get elbowed in the head which knocks you out for the rest of the game you only have a couple options. 1) Fight. 2) Pretend like you're okay and just deal with an injury. 3) Track the guy down and make them apologize. Note this is from last year when Pat Bev was on the Wolves too. What makes it even better is Pat Bev explaining the height difference when Mo stepped out of the car. 

As an average sized human being, I can understand this. Sometimes you run a little hot when you're younger. Sometimes you don't realize who hit you and the moment you turn around you're already pot committed. There's not much you can do in that situation besides talk as loud as possible and try to scare the person. 

I gotta say though, losing hearing and/or just hearing that ringing sound is BRUTAL. One of the worst things that happens to us. If you've ever had that ringing sound in your ear you know exactly what I'm talking about. Drives you insane. You try everything. You take medicine. You try sleeping. You try laying on it to drown it out. Nothing helps. It's the worst type - just having to wait it out. 

How about the worker for the team just giving away where Mo is though? I get that you know they are players and this is common to say what's up to each other. But have a feel for the moment. Something tells me you can read Pat Bev fairly easily when he's hot and bothered. Just say 'oh I'm not sure.' Let Pat Bev find his way around secret tunnels and such.