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The Scenes At Citizens Bank Park Last Night Were So Wild That It Registered On The Richter Scale

Richter scale, seismograph station, same difference. The fact of the matter here is that the city of Philadelphia was legitimately shaking last night after Bryce Harper pissed on the first pitch he saw from Lance McCullers Jr. 

The Bank has been rocking all playoffs long so far, but Philly had been waiting 13 years for that specific night. For that specific moment. And holy hell did the city let loose last night. The vibes? Well they are the definition of immaculate. 

From the players. 

To the fans. 

"You need to figure it out"

To Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and a bunch of other members of the 2008 World Series team in the building. 

To the wives and girlfriends making sure the whole ballpark is adequately boozed up. 

Jayme Hoskins has been the true MVP of this run so far. She bought beer for an entire section of fans at game 5 of the NLCS. The tab was something like $850. That would be enough to allow her to coast as Philly sports royalty for the rest of forever. But instead, she comes right back and buys everybody beer again at game 3 of the World Series. What a hero. 

The energy last night at Citizens Bank Park was preposterous. And it's only going to keep getting more insane from here. Glad the Astros made sure everybody knew they were prepared for it.