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My Pleasure: Chick-Fil-A Is Experimenting With 4-Day Weekends, Shockingly Everyone Wants To Work There Now

[Source] - A Chick-fil-A in Miami, Florida, has been utilizing a work schedule that gives employees four-day weekends, according to a recent report.

Justin Lindsey, the operator of the Chick-fil-A location, told QSR Magazine earlier this month that he started using the schedule back in February. Under it, participating employees are grouped into one of two "pods" that switch off working three consecutive days of 13 or 14-hour shifts, he said.

Eighteen store leaders and approximately 20 front-line workers have chosen to participate in the three-day block schedule, according to the outlet.

The new system has seemingly impacted hiring as well, with over 420 people applying for a job posting that highlighted the new schedule, according to the magazine.

Leave it to Chick-fil-A to be ahead of the curve on how a work week should be. I don't blame them, try anything to see what motivates people. Pretty common office sense here. Now it's tough when you're talking about Chick-fil-A to a regular office or anything like that, but why aren't the majority of companies on 4x10 days yet? 

Shit, why even count hours? Again, not every job is different. Barstool isn't a 5 day/8 hour per day job. It varies office by office, occupation by occupation. But it's also 2022. You know what's simple to do? Work from your phone. Bring your laptop with you somewhere. We all have bags, slap that on, leave it in your car or whatever and work if you have to. 

I've worked all different types of office jobs. Sales, purchasing, manager, etc. It's all the same except sales you respond no matter what because of commission. Purchasing, which is where I spent the majority of my office career, was awesome because sales guys were waiting on me. Loved having that power. But you know what I didn't need? 40 hours in an office. I had so much downtime that I wrote hundreds of blogs for this here site. There just wasn't enough work for 40 hours a week, 5 days a week. I assume that's how 98% of people working in the cubes feel too. 

I just think we all need to agree that you can work as much as you need to. There shouldn't be a fear in a regular ass office of leaving at 4:30 because your boss is still there and doesn't leave until 5:01. Just leave when you're done work. We all have smart phones. We all have working Internet (most offices). We can respond if we have to. 

So shout out Chick-fil-A for being ahead of the curve. Going straight to a 4-day weekend. Pretty nice and might have to go get a spicy chicken and sweet tea for lunch now.