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Today In Qatar's World Cup Is Bullshit - USA Might Not Have One Of Our Best Players For The Opening Match Because FIFA Is Corrupt

Cool, cool, cool. Nothing like having to start doing day math and keep refreshing Weston McKennie news. We already knew the World Cup is bullshit but this really hits it. That's why I included Jamie Carragher's rant there from yesterday because he nails it. It's a fucking disgrace. It's not even just a US thing - but I'm obviously a USMNT fan so that's what I'm going to complain about. You have guys from France from missing the World Cup. You have guys like Reece James hurt. You have Messi apparently triggering an Argentina clause in his contract: 

It's all so stupid. And I know the counter-argument. Hey people could get hurt any time of the year. Sure. But you know what these players aren't doing in May/June? They aren't in the middle of their fucking seasons. That's why it's somehow even dumber for Qatar to have the World Cup. Obviously human right issues, obviously the dumbass rules, the fear of arrest, all that is good enough to never even consider Qatar. But the fact we have a winter World Cup and ruining seasons across the world is still dumb enough to move it elsewhere. 

Now as for this specific injury? Brutal. McKennie is so important to what we want to do and how we play. I know we have depth in that midfield, but you could make a case McKennie is our best player. He also started coming into form here. 

I don't even think you can debate that our best midfield has been the Musah-McKennie-Adams trio. McKennie is also for sure one of the leaders of the team. He's not afraid to mix it up. He'll get into any scrap and as teams try to attack Pulisic/Reyna, he's there floating around the midfield and taking advantage. As much as I love Musah, Weah, etc., McKennie is a large part of the creativity we get there. 

Just a nice reminder how fucking stupid this World Cup is.