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Phillies DOMINATE Astros On Their Way To Winning Game 3 And Taking A 2-1 Series Lead

7-0. Clean dominance. 5 dingers to get the Phillies to 17 total this postseason, a franchise record. Ranger Big Ol’ Nuts Suarez. Bryce. Bohm. Schwarber. Marsh. Rhys. Topper. Nick Nelson. 


And Bryce, man. Best part about the MVP HR… that was the 1st pitch he saw at home in his World Series career and from beginning to end the MVP acted like he’s been there before. It was expected. He knew he had to be big and came thru.

Dusty Baker - even more of a hero. Thank you good sir for:

A) Starting McCullers when you had 2-3 other nastier options (that probably don't tip pitches lol). 

2) Keeping him in past the 2nd inning when he OBVIOUSLY don’t got it tonight. 

Greatest manager to never win one for a reason, folks!

Seriously tho, was that the most stress-free important Philly sporting event ever? Maybe the 2017 NFC Championship vs. Minnesota, but it was a little more stressful as it was a do-or-die. Tonight, Kyle Gibson and Nick Nelson were pitching in the World Series not because the Phillies are getting hammered but cause they were DOMINATING. Incredible. God didn’t even see that one coming. And I wouldn't have minded seeing Stubbs or Maton close out the 9th. 

What a game. What a year. Just like Phillies legend and only Phillies legend always used to say - Ya Gotta Believe! 

Up 2-1. Don’t get cocky. Tomorrow is more important than tonight. King Nola with a bounceback and the entire bullpen is on call. One at a time to victory. Raise hell and #RingTheBell. Now do me a favor and CUE IT!

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