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The Definitive List Of The Best Candy You Can Get On Halloween While Trick-Or-Treating

Sebbi Strauch. Unsplash Images.

Trick-or-Treating is very exciting as a kid or if you have kids, both in different ways. As a kid it's selfishly awesome. The day is all about you and getting all your favorite goodies to feast on for the next several weeks. As a parent, I love watching the excitement on my kid's faces as they see costumes they like and candies they fancy being literally handed to them by neighbors. 

But after the kiddos go off to bed, it's time for the parents to raid the kid's candy. I consider myself pretty well versed in the trick-or-treating game, so here are my definitive Top 10 Halloween Candy rankings:

Missed the Cut

Snickers - Not a knock on Snickers which is a tasty treat, but I just prefer Milky Ways as it feels like it has more caramel. 

Reese's - I'm getting a lot of guff for leaving this one off, but hear me out. When you're walking around trick-or-treating, this is a pain. Typically, growing up I'd get these. A single cup and it just carries way too much garbage. There is the outer wrapper and then an inner wrapper. Additionally, the peanut butter cup can get dented with your fingers or the integrity damaged while you remove the second wrapper. As far as the actual taste, it's fine, but overrated. The peanut butter is just too sweet that having a bunch of 'em is a tummy ache waiting to happen.

Starburst - You're just getting two packs typically and orange Starburst are simply filler and Strawberry is overrated.

Top 10

10) Milky Way - Just a fantastic balance of milk chocolate and caramel. The nugget makes it fluffy and an overall very tasty treat in snack size.

9) Raisinets - Very underrated candy. The fun size is the perfect amount and not only tastes great, but makes you feel like you're balancing out all the other super sugary candy because raisins are healthy, right?

8) Milk Duds - The kind of caramel. The fun size boxes I like to pop at least two at a time as they're a bit tiny. They are very chewy and can stick to your teeth, but the flavor is so dang full I have to overlook that a bit.

7) Butterfinger - Way better than Reese's and not that close in my mind. Also a much neater chocolate/peanut butter treat. It holds up better in travel and the peanut butter crisp with chocolate is just a better texture. I'm not even sure how it can be argued it's not.

6) Tootsie Fruit Chews - These will typically be loose candies in a big dish, but if you see a lime or a lemon floating that's an auto-take. These should be way more popular and wipe the floors with Starburst.

5) Baby Ruth - Very similar to Snickers, but better. They have fuller peanuts and while I love caramel, slightly less than Snickers. The bar offers a bit more crunch while simultaneously being chewy, but not overly chewy. This candy doesn't get enough credit for being the better option.

4) Twix - The chocolate, caramel, and cookie crunch. Just that snap is so satisfying and the fun size is superb with little half single bars. Best consumed out of the freezer.

3) Skittles - the fun size Skittles are absolutely perfect size. Pop open one of those things and just enjoy. Original is great, but so is Wild Berry or Tropical. Sour Skittles can go kick rocks.

2) Airheads - Wildly underrated. They used to sell them at my town pool and basketball games for a quarter. Elite candy. Flavorful and chewy. Won't give you gummy tummy. Perfect.

1) 100 Grand - This bar has mastered the chewy AND the crunch. It's milk chocolate, caramel, and crispy crunchies. The fact this isn't a more popular candy bar is beyond me. The GOAT. See it in a trick-or-treat dish and it's an auto-grab every single time.