Incredible - Ramón Urías Had Played 10 Career Games At Third Base Before Winning The Gold Glove At The Hot Corner In 2022

I said a few weeks back that Gold Gloves don't matter and they're stupid and it's all a popularity contest. All that still stands but I had to point out how sick it was that the AL winner at third base is a guy named Ramón Urías. Decent chance you haven't heard of him if you don't pay attention to Orioles baseball. He came into this season as a guy who played mostly second and short in 2020 and 2021 for the O's, only dabbling with 10 career games at third base in 2021. 

Naturally he turned around and played 98 games at third and brought home the Gold Glove at the hot corner. Only 10 games in his career at third base and now he's the best defender at the position in the AL with 14 defensive runs saved and a UZR of 10.9. Decent turnaround for I suppose! He's not a flashy guy but he makes all the plays. I think it's insanely cool that a guy can have so little experience at a position and turn into the premier defender at that position, a tough one at that. 

His story is awesome too. 10 years in the minors, came up for a bad Orioles team and has found his role and a new trophy to go above his fireplace now. Guy worked his ass off. 

Robinson…..Machado…..and Urías. Not a bad threesome of fielders at the hot corner for Baltimore.