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NEVER. A. DOUBT. - Tottenham Of Course Wins Its Champions League Group With A Ridiculous Goal

It's called survive and advance dummies. Actually it's just called advance because Tottenham didn't survive. They won the damn group - as expected. This is what good teams do. Missing a bunch of important players? Never in doubt. Let Perisic do his thing. Let Hojberg do his thing. 

I don't know though. Maybe just start the game like we start second halves? Little coaching tip from Reags here. Don't wait until we're down to look the part we're supposed to be. But it doesn't matter. It's Champions League. It's winning a group and getting ready for the knockout round. It's a win on the road during the last matchday. It's winning on the road after a devastating VAR call. 

Can't imagine not advancing in Champions League or let alone not even making it. Playing in Europa must be embarrassing. Luckily we have guys that know how to win. Luckily we have guys that make big plays like Perisic blocking a shot. 

Never a doubt. Never in question. Glory.