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Oh Boy, Here We Go. Joe Schoen Said He Would "Consider" Bringing Odell Beckham Jr. Back To The Giants After Big Blue Didn't Make A Move At The Trade Deadline

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I'm just going to blog this since every single aggregator on the internet is going to run wild with it. After being asked Odell Beckham Jr., Joe Schoen mentioned that if Odell was healthy, he would consider bringing him to the Giants just like he would every other healthy player that he thought could help the Giants. 

This does not mean that Odell Beckham Jr. is definitely going to be a Giants this year, next year, or ever again. What it does mean is that Joe Schoen won't have to hear that question phrased 100 different ways from the New York media the next time he sits behind a microphone at a press conference.

I feel like Odell and the Giants both wish things worked out different during his time here, which could lead to a reunion down the road. I also think that Odell could sign with pretty much any team that doesn't have Baker Mayfield as a quarterback and it wouldn't surprise me one bit. I loved Odell when he was here, defended him from all the nonsensical controversies people made out of nothing with after that Cowboys catch made him super duper famous, and loved that he proved all the people wrong that said he couldn't win a Super Bowl last year. I am also still bummed about that Lil Wayne interview where he torched our beloved Eli right after getting his contract extension.

Odell coming back to the Giants would be awesome from a sentimental standpoint and could be great if he bounces back from a second ACL surgery. But I'm certainly not holding out hope that a receiver who turns 30 in a few days is going to save the raging tire fire that is the Giants receiving corps, no matter how many highlights I watch from half a decade ago.

While I'm here, these are my thoughts on the Giants not making any moves during the wildest NFL trade deadline I can ever remember:

1. I understand some Giants fans are going to be mad they didn't acquire a receiver. Trust me, as the President of the Daniel Jones Hype Group that becomes physically ill watching Marcus Johnson and David Sills play receiver, there is nothing I would've loved more than to pick up a wideout to help my little lamb, who still lives on that grind.

Despite that, I think Joe Schoen deserves the benefit of the doubt considering his hires and moves have helped a team with roughly a kabillion dollars of dead cap start 6-2. I would've loved nothing more than to get a guy like Jerry Jeudy for a late pick. But if Joe didn't think the juice was worth the squeeze, then I trust in him. 

I didn't mind giving up draft picks back when Jerry Reese and Dave Gettleman were in charge because it felt like they would only screw them up. But based on what we've seen from Schoen so far, I want him having as many cracks at the draft as possible. Trading a 4th rounder for a rental receiver doesn't seem like a big deal until you realize the Giants used a 4th rounder on Daniel Bellinger in this draft, who is the exact type of big, lumbering tight end the Giants have built Super Bowl champions around.

Keeping your draft picks is important not only because rookies remain under team control for cheap prices but also because rookie receivers are almost plug & play these days and you can get a stud by simply choosing the best available Ohio State receiver in the draft. I think every NFL team will have an Ohio State or Alabama receiver in the Top 2 of their receiver depth chart by 2026, latest.

2. Speaking of Gettleman, if that bozo was still GM during a trade deadline like today, he would've 1000000% made multiple moves that would've completely buttfucked the Giants for the future that also would've somehow provided little to nothing this season. The Giants would also be 2-6 if Gettleman was GM and we'd be mock drafting right now instead of being in the playoffs if the season ended today. 

So consider the fact this mamaluke can no longer ruin our lives to be the Spinzone of the Day.

3. The only player who got moved that I am bummed the Giants missed out on was Calvin Ridley because he is a Top 10 receiver when healthy not betting parlays. Ridley is also literally the only player that got traded today that wouldn't have helped this year's Giants team, which means we still would be watching the the shitshow at receiver for the next 9 games plus any potential playoff games even if they got him.

There will be more receivers traded this offseason. That's a Clem Guarantee.

4. As a Mets-Giants gypsy, I am going to do the dumb old Mets thing from the Wilpon days where I say "If we get back this injured player we already have, he'll end up being just as good as anything we got at the deadline". That player is a healthy, motivated, not at all shitty Kenny Golladay that used to play well when he was a Lion.

For the record, I don't believe any of that one bit since Golladay has just disappeared from our lives. But I had to say it just to feel better.

5 (and maybe most important). Joe Schoen is handsome. Handsome people always make the right decisions when it comes to deals. I say this as a non-handsome person that is not good at making deals. I have maybe the nicest set of eyelashes on the planet and Chaps said the shape of my head is nice. But I don't think I fit the traditional definition of the word handsome. Joe Schoen does and I have complete faith in him because of it.