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Zach Wilson Says He Doesn't Care About Stats, Which Is Smart Since He Is Statistically One Of The Worst Quarterbacks In The NFL

You know what? I wanted to hate on this comment but I absolutely love it. You can't be an absolute dog shit quarterback if you don't look at any stats. This is what I will tell Dave when I go for a new contract. I don't believe in stats so anything you say basically doesn't matter to me. You can actually argue the only thing people care about in sports is stats since wins and losses are considered stats and Zach has been winning so far this season. But he doesn't care about stats, so that doesn't matter.

If Zach did care though, he has played 5 games and is 28th in yards, which is really bad. He is tied for last place in total touchdowns with 3. Meanwhile he is tied for 16th in interceptions with 5. Then the stat that everyone loves to throw around if you want to sound smart and show off that you know football is QBR. Zach is the 24th with a 41.7 QBR.

I know we don't care about stats Zach, but I think you are dog shit. Breece Hall was going to be the rookie of the year before he got hurt. Even after Hall went down, Zach still has other good weapons at receiver and running back. Despite all that, he still has terrible stats and is not the future for the New York Jets. The last game against the Patriots should show you everything you need to see about Zach Wilson as a QB. But since he is smart enough to say stats don't count, you can't get mad at him for having terrible stats.  Sorry Jets fans but you may be stuck with Zach Wilson forever.