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The Brooklyn Nets Officially Fire Steve Nash, Which Will Definitely Fix All Their Problems

Welp there it is. It was only a matter of time the Nets fired Steve Nash because, well, they are a fucking disaster. Granted it's not all Nash's fault. How's he supposed to handle Kyrie being trash and Ben Simmons refusing to shoot? How else is he supposed to get all these guys together and understand their job is to play basketball. Frankly, I don't know who you would even hire that goes 'yeah, that makes sense. That's a good hire.' Mostly because I don't think anyone could handle this roster. You have to deal with more off the court shit than on the court and let me tell you - it's a disaster on the court too. 

Now the good news here is it's the Nets. People will hardly notice because no one gives a flying fuck about the Nets. It'll be in the news cycle for about 20 minutes before everyone in NYC sees Julius Randle do something. So they got that going for them! Not like people will talk about how the entire organization is falling apart no matter where you look at it. 

How could we ever see this happening? There weren't any signs: 

Good news though. It was mutual. 

Of course it was. It's always mutual. In no way was this a firing. In no way was this influenced by anything else. Nope. Just a 'hey this isn't working out. We'll talk to the kids and tell them two Christmases.' Yeah, that's exactly how it went down. 

Gonna be a real shame when the Nets blow it all up again. A real shame.