There Is ZERO Need To Wake Someone Up Who Is Sleeping On The Couch To Move Them To Their Bed

Feitelberg is right. Plain and simple.

If you haven't watched the clip, he essentially talks about how his parents wake him up on the couch, only to go to another location to fall asleep. It's maddening. 

Why do parents feel the need to move you from a comfortable place of rest ? 

Let's start here. 

Who the fuck do they think they are to wake you up in the first place? Some of my worst moments in life were being woken up before you are ready to be. That's not an exaggeration that's a fact. If your roommate in college came in too loud and you woke up anything more than 15 minutes before class ... misery. If you get a phone call just as you settle in to sleep at night ? Horrible. 

Or the worst of all...the time my Dad woke up my brothers and I up when I was in high school to go downstairs and clean off the car windows so my sister could draw on them for her cheerleading competition (a tradition for the 8th graders hosting the pre competition breakfast each year). The worst part of that wake up was it was still raining. This man woke us up at 8am and marched us down 3 flights of stairs from the attic to wipe off windows that were getting wet as we did it. I haven't ever fully forgiven him for this. That's not a joke. Even typing it makes me think what that extra hour or 2 of sleep would have been like. 

What does a sleeping person do to bother you so much that you need to wake them up and move them? I'll never understand that. EVER.

Second...Hot take incoming ... 

Couch sleep can be better than bed sleep. Listen is a bed more comfortable most nights? Yes. But I'll be damned if a couch sleep isn't magical. Lay your head down on a pillow you deem the softest of the couch bunch, grab whatever worn in blanket you can find and put your head down to the movie, program, or game on the TV and doze off peacfully. It's magical. You either wake up in the middle of the night to piss and go into your room on your own, where you get to enjoy that feeling of your own bed, or you wake up in the morning on the couch with a wonderful night's rest in an arm's reach from the remote. Where you kind of half lay awake and doze back off watching morning tv. 

Third ... 

Who the fuck are our parents to think we will get right back to sleep after you wake us up? You ever get woken up and can't fall asleep again? It's the goddamn worst. Why are you even putting that possibility into the universe? Do you think I want to be up scrolling my phone at 1am after you woke me up at midnight for absolutely no reason? No thank you sir or maam. You don't know what kind of week I had. Let me get my sleep while I can. 

In closing it's very simple. Parents, Don't fucking wake us up if we don't need to be. Put a blanket on us, maybe a head rub, a kiss, whatever but please God just let us sleep on the couch. 

Thank you.