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The Entire Snake Draft Panel Has Been Exposed With One Movie Pick By Richard Roeper

This is everything you need to know about the snake draft panel. This is the key insight to these drafts. An insight that can be applied to virtually every snake draft we've ever done. 

If I have a great pick like burrata, unwritten, triple nut, mirepoix, or febreze the panel feels comfortable attacking me. They, themselves, are lemmings. It's a combination of group think and they also know that I won't pout, take my ball and go home if I am criticized. I will argue and argue and argue and face the panel and their easily influenced internet minions like Jon Snow

Giphy Images.

You just dust yourself off and get ready for the next round. 

The panel though…the panel just likes to slander, distort, draft off of google lists, sling mud, and try to make it seem like I don't know what I am talking about. Then, over time, I am vindicated by history 

If you find yourself blindly following the panel in real time, you should pause and think if you actually agree with them because you probably don't and they're just manipulating your brain. Sometimes the medium is important. Like for example, when the world's most renowned film critic calls "The Others" one of Nicole Kidman's best roles and says it was critically acclaimed…he got zero push back. Probably because he's right and so was I. 

Anyways, Roeper was great on this draft. He has my vote this week. Full episode is below