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Heidi Klum Continues To Have The Most Ridiculous Costume Of The Year, This Time Dressing As A Life Sized Worm On A Hook

As she does every year, Halloween Queen Heidi Klum had us all on the edge of our seats waiting to see the big reveal of her costume for her big annual party. We know by now that she often likes to make herself look as hideous and unrecognizable as possible, and I think this year has taken the cake. A WORM? LOL EW. It's so fucking gross!!! She was rolling around on the floor! Its so realistic and looks so incredibly uncomfortable that I don't understand how she has the patience to even leave one location and travel to another while wearing something so ridiculous. She says it took months to make, and then another 14 hours or so in prosthetics on the day of. I would never.

In addition, her husband dressed up as the fisherman who had her on his hook, though unfortunately seems to have lost an eye in the process. Here is a video of him getting his colored contact in and I can't watch it without my eyes tearing up. The red irritation looks TOO real. 

What a couple of freaks.