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We Officially Have The Most Correct Take On Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson was the 2nd overall pick in the NFL Draft. The Jets have gambled a ton on his success and have won with him. The difficulties in his past game against the Patriots are fixable. Thus, Saleh is sticking with Wilson till he fixes these things and we see him perform with the upside he has been. 

I mean it's not like the guy is terrible. Zach made plays that produced big moments and brought the team into scoring positions. The Jets did score more touchdowns than the Patriots on Sunday. It's the field goals are that killed them. He may have thrown some interceptions. But it's not like the interceptions are due to lack of ability. Look at this ability!

These are the plays he had at BYU and have brought the Jets great success. These are the plays that will help an amazing defense win championships. 

The thing is, a lot of Zach's problems were due to bad decision-making that resulted in the terrible interceptions that can be traced to cockiness and a lack of maturity. Zach Wilson and I are the same age. As a fellow 23-year-old, I myself have many issues with maturity as well as cockiness and I am not an NFL QB. He also allegedly bangs moms, which also may contribute to this. 

When Zach is rolling out and should be throwing the ball away, he instead tries to make an insane play, he's probably thinking, "I'M A STARTING QB THAT FUCKS MOMS. I SHOULDN'T BE THROWING THE BALL AWAY," and either lazily throw it to the sideline which leads to a sloppy pick or rips it trying to make a play. This is something totally correctable. He is not lacking in ability, just the current constitution.

Zach's development at BYU is slated to be similar. I really like this BYU fans take on it in the r/nyjets reddit.

Zach is not used to playing conservatively and being a game manager, something that people without the innate skill (Mac Jones) tend to focus on because they don’t have the electric gun-slinging capabilities Zach Wilson has. Unathletic QBs that lack talent and perfect game management because they never had the ability to make plays like Patrick Mahomes or other QBs with insane arm talent. 

Zach needs to start perfecting his game management by the end of this season or he'll be gone. He's got the rest of his season and Saleh's blessing to grow. Don’t fuck it up. Be George Washington and tactically retreat so you can live to fight another day. Don’t be frustrated with throwing the ball away because it statistically tanks your completion percentage and QBR. At the beginning of the game, Zach was playing well. But then it wasn't coming as easy and he got frustrated. 

Zach needs to understand he has to bail on big play-making and play Big 10/NFL football, where there are tons of punts and incremental football. This isn't BYU where you are putting together 5-play 80-yard drives. Let your punter have a chance to pin them and trust your amazing defense to beat up then demoralize their offense. The plays will come if you have patience, something a lot of 23-year-olds in this generation in all types of workplaces need to understand (you keep having to eat the hot sauce. One day you won't have to. But it will come with time).