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'Andy, Come Eat Me.' - A Giddy Andy Reid Breaking Down The Candy Bar Voices He Hears In His Head

As a Giants fan I'm so happy he's no longer in Philly, mostly for the fact I can enjoy his content. In fact I'd listen to an entire podcast dedicated to Andy Reid breaking down Halloween candy. I know everyone has their list and ranking candy is getting a bit overplayed. That's why Andy Reid talks about the candy voices in his head. He's not going to break down all the candy, oh no. He's going to tell you what he hears and that's this deliciousness begging to be eaten: 

Martin Lee. Shutterstock Images.

Old school. I can appreciate that. It's classic though and not bad! It's chocolate and peanuts, who doesn't like that? Sure, it's not a Reese's, Kit Kat, Snickers or a Twix. But it's still good. It doesn't get the respect it deserves unless Andy Reid is talking about it. That's a man I trust with snacks. He's probably 2nd on my power rankings in terms of who I trust with snacks only behind this guy

Giphy Images.

Clem's the Snack God, Andy Reid is the Snack Prince. 

Need to see Andy Reid dress up as Batman again. I love that he's self-aware and calls himself a portly kid. Dude just has no shame in talking about himself and that should be rewarded. That's why I'm glad he got a Super Bowl in Kansas City. He deserves it for interviews like this. 

I'm now upset I didn't see a Mr. Goodbar last night while walking around with my kids. Bring back the classics.