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Taylor Swift Is Officially Going On Tour This Spring For The First Time In Four Years And Tickets WILL BE AFFORDABLE FOR ALL!



It's hard to form a coherent thought right now. I'm currently in line to REGISTER for tickets, not even to buy them, that's how intense and cutthroat these tickets are going to be to get. A full tour, of all her albums and eras? Someone stick some defibrillator pedals to my chest, I'm coding FAST. As big of a Swiftie as I am, I've never been to a concert of hers. When Lover announced the tour, and then subsequently cancelled it because of COVID, I was truly worried she would never tour again and I missed my chance. Sure, I loved the Folklore Long Pond Sessions, but I need to see our girl on stage. I need to scream her songs into the sky with 82,000 other people who love her just as much as I do.  I will do ANYTHING to be at Metlife both nights, and possibly other cities...and I mean anything. No expense spared. Nothing will get in the way of this. 

My biggest problem at the moment - how will I see her with all of my friends at the same time? SOMEONE PINCH ME!!!!!!

Also, not to be missed, even in this announcement we are hinting at HEAVY "Speak Now." I wouldn't be surprised if she drops that album any second. SHE IS THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. 

On top of all that, it looks like she's trying to be reasonable about the prices. The only celebrity in the world who just wants to make sure the fans can afford to see her. We don't deserve her.