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I Am Not Afraid To Say What Everyone Is Thinking...Cancel The NFL London Games

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I get it. It's nice to have a game on at 9:30 am. It's nice to watch standalone games. And putting a game on in a different country of two teams you may not have otherwise watched super intently is unique. But I'll be the first to say it…scrap the London games. 

The negatives are outweighing the positives. 

A- We gotta get fantasy lineups in super early and bets are made before you even have breakfast. Bets can be lost before breakfast. No one needs that. Why on earth do I need to be 0-1 at 10:30 am? Isn't the NFL hard enough to handicap? Why do we need to be 0-1 on a game we didn't want to be anyway. 

2- The 1pm kickoff worked well for the last 800 years before the London games started, why the need to mess with that? Red Zone and the witching hour are a perfect marriage. If a game like the London game is going to pop off, let it happen organically. We'll see all we need to see from that game in the live look in's and Red Zone updates anyway. To make us watch every play is overkill. 

D- The biggest negative of these games is they usually suck. We're not being fooled here. The reason these games get slid into the 9:30 spot (aside from maybe a handful over the years) is that no one really cares about the game. It's usually teams who can afford to lose a home game because fans aren't clamoring to fill the stadium It's usually bad teams, it's somehow always bad quarterbacks and there are more highlights of weirdos in the stands than highlights of plays on the field. 

It had it's run but now it's time to scrap the London game. Find a way to give us more Saturday games when college football ends if anything. A nice doubleheader in the weeks before Christmas when you are out at a bar crawl, a family party or somwhwere you can tune into the NFL over a nice cocktail around the holidays is much better than getting up at 9am to watch shit football. Figure it out NFL. Do the right thing.