We Got Ourselves A Royal Rumble Filled With Thongs, Punches And Flying Knees Along The Brisbane River Walkway

I saw this floating around and frankly I wanted to blog it because of wrestling. I'm still very much into AEW because I find it awesome. It's a show (and real to me damnit!). It's like any other show, storylines, drama, intrigue, some attractiveness (sup Anna Jay). But let's go back to our roots here. 

This is vintage Royal Rumble days. We have it all. The tag team coming in to join forces before someone fucks the other person over. The heel doing work by themselves. The ref trying to break it up. Simply fantastic. It also reminds me of this: 

Back at a time when everything was great. I say that the day after Halloween and saw kids walking around. Not one dressed as Stone Cold. Not one dressed as Sting or Kane or HHH or The Rock. This new era just won't understand how great we had it. Times were simpler. You could hit your pals with a suck it chop or a 'that's the bottom line' comment and everyone just understood. 

As for this specific royal rumble? Impressive all the way around. The girl in red not giving up. She basically went Rey Mysterio and flew threw the ropes and stayed on the apron. She wasn't getting tossed over. The lady in white just coming in with some haymakers. Good old fashioned bully ball like you read about. But the best part? No one cared: 

[Source] - A man tried to break up the brawl and jumped in between the women.

'Stop it, oi, oi, oi, get off her,' another man screamed off camera. 'Don't hit her.' 

Queensland Police said it had received no reports of a fight taking place. 

'Our searches did not locate any incidents of this nature that police were called to attend, nor any subsequent reports made,' police said.

Get your fight in, settle the beefs and move on. That's the way Jim Ross would want it to happen.