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Pathetic Marseille Fans Are So Scared, They Used A Shit Ton Of Fireworks To Wake Up Tottenham's Players At 3 In The Morning

Frankly this is just sad and pathetic. Can't even let our guys get a quality night's sleep because you need to beat us to advance in Champions League? Show up on the field and complete like true professionals. No need to stoop to the low-level move of this. No one wants to be woken up at 3 in the morning for any reason and I mean ANY reason. Now throw in the miserable sound of fireworks and I'm officially declaring a protest on this match pending results.

Oh and I'm aware this is common practice in Europe. However, I only care because I need Tottenham to get a result to advance. Sorry I care about my squad and not others. We know what happened last week back in North London when VAR fucked over a ridiculous Tottenham win. That would have sent us through but now here we are in France for the last match of group stage needing a result. Here's how Tottenham moves on: 

1. A win over Marseille

2. A tie vs Marseille

Simple. I'm pretty sure Tottenham would lose any tiebreaker with Sporting so let's not get to that point. Just fucking beat (or tie) Marseille. That simple. Get pissed that they are setting off fireworks and start having some creativity in the midfield. Get pissed and start playing like you did in the 2nd half against Bournemouth or late against Sporting. Stop waiting to turn it on. 

Not only am I upset because I need to sweat this game out, but fireworks just suck. Oh congrats! You set shit off that looks the same every single time and people still stare into the sky like idiots. Sorry I enjoy a nice quiet night while I sleep.