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Patrick Peterson Trolled Kyler Murray Yesterday By Pretending To Play Call Of Duty In The Endzone

I wish these players came out and said exactly what they mean. For instance, Tyler Lockett said in his interview yesterday that the team is a lot better when one person doesn't want credit for everything before back tracking it. We know you are talking about Russel Wilson, and its way better to just call him out personally. Believe me we all know he is a me guy, the bastard was doing high knees in the aisle of a plane. 

Here Patrick Peterson is obviously trolling Kyler Murray with the Modern Warfare celebration, but is acting like he doesn't know anything. The best part was when he said I don't play video games, but admitted he knew this game just came out so he just did the celebration. He completely knows that little bastard Kyler Murray was up late night playing COD and thats the reason the Cardinals lost that fucking game. I know we all make fun of Kyler Murrays height, but I think it is becoming more of an actual problem. When they show replays of him behind the line you really cannot see him. He's basically guessing every time he throws the football while also avoiding have his passes batted down. 

I just wish players were more self aware and made fun of themselves. If Kyler Murray comes to the stadium dressed as a Call Of Duty character that puts the joke to bed and they win the football game. It really is that simple, but they have too much respect for themselves. I am more mad at Kyler Murray because I bet on him, but I do wish all of these players called each other out instead of Sugar Coating it. Let's treat this like the WWE and call other players out for their bullshit. You can respect Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson but at the same time just talk some shit. It'll make football even better and I didn't know that was possible.