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I, White Sox Dave, Am Sick Of Taylor Swift

I gotta be honest here, I'm sick of Taylor Swift. Anytime she releases ANYTHING I feel like I am ordered to like it. Like, I have no other option but to bend the knee, look at her art form and say "this is incredible!!!" both to myself and to the public. 

If you don't do that, you're a social pariah of sorts.

But that's what I'm gonna do with her latest album. I gave it a few listens. I gave it a few chances. It didn't hit me in the feels like her music did with 1989 and anything prior to it. That's by no means me saying it "stinks" like I do every so often, but if I never heard "anti-hero" again, I'd be just fine with it. If you took 1989 or Red from me, I'd be upset. Those are albums I'll still bust out time to time to this day. But this last one, to me it's just... fine. 

I think Evermore and Folklore were both way better. Sue me. Even "Lover" 

This is an insane, insane accomplishment though. I'm (obviously) in the minority regarding Taylor Swift, as she's probably more popular than she's ever been. Being the only person EVER to occupy all 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 is incredible and might not happen again for a long, long time. It's about goddamn time she's getting the recognition she deserves though!!! 

How many awards and recognitions can one person get before they are no longer "IN SHAMBLES!!!"???

Looking forward to the Kelly Keegs evisceration coming my way.  Until then I'll go back to listen to all her old songs bitching about John Mayer. Ya know, her OG songs about being a young and jaded chick.