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Four Shadows Is The Best Iowa Bar In Chicago And It's Not Very Close (Da Bars Presented By Miller Lite)

Welcome back to Da Bars - your monthly Chicago bar video series presented by Miller Lite. As I've said many times before, it's a huge passion project as I very much love Chicago, Miller Lite and going to the bar. It's a perfect intersection of interests and this month is no different, even if I'm hanging with some Iowa people. 

To be fair - I like Iowa people. I've got family and friends in the community. It's an awesome campus and tier-1 destination for most Chicago kids. Nothing but good things to say unless we're playing each other. Maybe the best party scene in the Big Ten. That's up for debate I'm sure. 

Four Shadows? No debating the atmosphere and culture Rob's built. Very much a top game day destination and that's even with a putrid offense catching +29.5 in Columbus. Iowa comes back with a more competitive team and you're not getting a seat before 10am. At a time when everyone's trying to be fancy and cool and unique and all that shit - Four Shadows is keeping it simple and focusing on the party. That's most certainly refreshing. 

Go check it out at 2758 N. Ashland with your Iowa buddies. Ask Rob to have a beer with you. Order the taco pizza. And don't be nervous if 75% of the place is on a first name basis when you walk in. That's just how they do it at Four Shadows. 

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