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It's 2022 And We Had A First In The Hockey World!

A wild scene in Sweden over the weekend during an Allsvenskan Hockey League game which is the 2nd highest league in the country. Kristianstads IK was hosting Tingsryd AIF which was figured to be an exciting Friday night "Derby" match. For the rookies out there a "Derby" match is what the Euros refer to as a rival game. This is usually a game between two teams that are close in proximity.

With Kristianstads leading 5-1 in the 3rd period the hooligan fans, threw what I’ve been translated to is a “bang shot on the ice”. It's a type of pyrotechnic that sounds like a shotgun. Remember this is the 2nd league so the arenas are typically very small, so this was extremely loud.

The firework isn't really the story as this will happen often in European sports, the story is what took place after.  

Tingsryd players refused to keep playing, but the game continued, so something that I have never seen or heard of happened. The Kristianstads players took the puck and just killed the clock in their own end with the Tingsryd players standing on the blue line watching.

I mean Biz and I were "clock killers" in the NHL but this brought a whole new meaning to the term.

Not sure, why the fan threw the "bang shot" on the ice, but my early thought is that he had the Under 6.5 and when the game went 5-1 he was hoping they would end the game and he would cash his ticket. 

Everybody Rides!!

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